Rado Watches and Their Impact on the Watchmaking Industry

Rado Watches and Their Impact on the Watchmaking Industry

Rado watches, founded in 1917, have a long and rich history.

They are known for their innovative design and high-quality craftsmanship, which has made them a leader in the watchmaking industry. Rado watches are also popular for their unique style, which sets them apart from other brands.

Their origin story is fascinating, and their impact on the watchmaking industry is undeniable. In this article, we will explore the history of Rado Watches and their lasting legacy.

Introduction to the Rado Brand

Rado is a Swiss watch brand that was founded in 1917.

It is known for its innovative designs and for being the first watch brand to use ceramics in its watches. Rado watches are not only stylish but also durable, and they are popular with both men and women.

Rado has also been a pioneer in the watchmaking industry, introducing new technologies and materials that have revolutionized the way watches are made. As a result, Rado watches are some of the most coveted watches in the world.

Milestones of the Rado Era

In 1917, two brothers, Fritz and Ernst Schlup, founded a company called Rado Uhrenfabrik in the small town of Lengnau, Switzerland. The company produced high-quality watches at a time when the watchmaking industry was in its infancy.

Rado became the first company to develop a watch made from scratch-resistant materials. In 1962, Rado unveiled its iconic “Ceramica” watch, which was made from a revolutionary new material called ceramic.

This watch is still popular today and is considered to be one of the most iconic watches in history. This innovation revolutionized the watchmaking industry and made Rado one of the leading brands in the market.

Rado has continued to innovate over the years and has released several iconic watch collections including

Captain Cook

Rado Captain Cook is a natural choice for modern explorers. Its vintage details, and up-to-date features make it the perfect watch for men and women.

True Square

The True Square features a full high-tech ceramic case and bracelet, meeting every Rado requirement.


Made of full high-tech ceramic, the True collection represents Rado’s true style and design substance.

True Thinline

These stunning quartz watches are Rado’s slimmest and the first to feature the ground-breaking monobloc case.


There is a reason why Centrix is Rado’s most popular watch. Its versatility in a range of different sizes, colour combinations, quartz and automatic movements guarantees there is a model to suit all tastes.


The HyperChrome collection is full of ceramic watches, innovations and sleek design, delivering a ground-breaking Rado timepiece. A watch that delivers all the functions with the style you want.

HyperChrome Classic

The HyperChrome Classic collection combines the past, present and future of Rado creating stylish women’s and men’s vintage watches. Sleek design, modern materials and breakthrough technology which give a unique look that is distinctively Rado.

The company has also collaborated with several leading designers, such as Karl Lagerfeld and Jean-Claude Biver.

Rado has had a significant impact on the watchmaking industry and is considered to be one of the leading brands in the market.

Rado watches were also among the first to use sapphire crystals, which are incredibly scratch-resistant. This helped to further solidify Rado's position as a leader in the industry.

The Iconic Design of Rado Watches

Rado watches are known for their simple, elegant design. The sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic are what set Rado watches apart from other brands.

Rado's design philosophy is based on the principle of "less is more." This means that Rado watches are designed to be as simple and uncluttered as possible. The goal is to create a watch that is easy to read and that looks good on any wrist.

Rado's design ethos has had a major impact on the watchmaking industry. Many other brands have adopted a similar design philosophy in an attempt to appeal to the same market.

A Look at the Modern Rado Brand

Rado is known for their innovation, and they continue to push the boundaries of watchmaking. They were the first to use ceramic in watchmaking, and they continue to experiment with new materials and technologies.

Their designs are modern and sleek, and their watches are worn by celebrities and everyday people alike. If you're looking for a high-quality watch that will make a statement, Rado is a brand you should definitely check out.

The Legacy Left Behind by Rado Watches

Rado watches have left a lasting legacy on the watchmaking industry. Their innovative designs and use of high-tech materials has set them apart from other brands. Even today, Rado watches are considered to be some of the best in the world.

Rado's commitment to quality and innovation has inspired other watchmakers to push the boundaries of what is possible. Thanks to Rado, the watchmaking industry is constantly evolving and moving forward.

Rado Watches have a long and storied history, dating back to their inception in the early 20th century. Their unique, avant-garde designs have had a major impact on the watchmaking industry, and they continue to be a popular choice among watch enthusiasts today. Thanks to their combination of quality materials and innovative design, Rado Watches are some of the most sought-after timepieces in the world.

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