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The Story of Bulova Watches


Bulova watches have been a fixture of American culture for over a century. Since 1875

Bulova watches have been known for their quality and precision. In fact, their watches were used as standard issue by the United States military during World War II.

Bulova watches have come to be associated with excellence and durability, and are often given as gifts or heirlooms. Their timeless style and craftsmanship make them the perfect choice for any occasion.

A Brief History of Bulova Watches

Bulova watches are a hallmark of quality and durability.

Bulova watches have been synonymous with quality and durability. They were one of the first watchmakers to use the principles of interchangeable parts and mass production, which allowed them to keep costs low and quality high.

Bulova watches were also some of the first to be marketed to women. They were designed with smaller cases and delicate straps, and their advertising campaigns featured women as the primary consumers.

Bulova watches have withstood the test of time and continue to be a favourite among watch enthusiasts.

Notable Models From the Bulova Range

Bulova watches are a product of rich history and enduring quality.

Bulova watches have been worn by presidents, astronauts, and celebrities alike. They are known for their bulletproof quality and precision engineering.

Some of the most notable models from the Bulova range include the Woodbridge, the Accutron, and the Analog. Each of these models has its own unique story and heritage.

Bulova watches are a testament to American innovation and craftsmanship. They remain a symbol of quality and durability to this day.

The Iconic Accutron Movement

Bulova watches are known for their innovative and iconic Accutron movement.

Introduced in 1960, the Accutron movement was the world's first electronic watch. It was powered by a battery, rather than a mainspring, and it ran on a transistor oscillator. This made it more accurate than any mechanical watch and gave it a longer life span.

The Accutron movement was also unique in that it emitted a humming sound. This gave it the nickname "the tuning fork watch."

Bulova watches are still renowned today for their quality and innovation, and the Accutron movement is considered to be one of the most important milestones in the history of watches.

Staying Relevant: The Reissue of Vintage Designs

In recent years, Bulova has reissued several of its most popular vintage designs. The iconic Accutron II, first introduced in 1960, was reissued in 2014. The new model stays true to the original design but with some modern updates, like a sapphire crystal face and water resistance.

The Bulova Archive Series, first introduced in 2010, is a line of watches that are based on vintage Bulova designs. These watches are made with modern materials and construction techniques but feature vintage-inspired dials and hands.

The reissue of vintage designs has helped Bulova stay relevant in the modern market while still staying true to its roots.

Bulova watches are a testament to the power of American ingenuity and quality. For more than a century, Bulova has been making watches that are not just elegant and beautiful, but also incredibly durable and accurate. Bulova watches are the perfect symbol of American excellence, and they continue to be a favourite among watch enthusiasts all over the world.

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