Diamond Colour & Clarity

The colour of the diamond is measured from colour to colourless. The colour determines the price of the diamond. Colourless Diamonds are the best choice when choosing diamonds.


Diamond Colour Chart

Diamond colours are measured from D to Z, with D having no colour and Z having colour. With the choice of colour also comes the price as D is the most expensive

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of the diamond is the measure of its imperfections or inclusions, to determine a diamond's clarity it is viewed under a magnification by a trained eye. Minute inclusions neither mar it's beauty or durability but the clearer the diamond the clearer the choice.

Generally diamonds graded Si1 or above in clarity are completely clean to the naked eye. We only sell Si clarity diamonds and upwards once again to ensure all of our diamonds sparkle.

Diamond Clarity chart

Diamond Clarity are measured from Flawless/ no Flaws to Inclusions. IF- FL being internally flawless to P1-P3 having inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Diamond Clarity Chart | Design centre

Does Diamond Clarity matter?

As long as the inclusion or imperfection is not visible to the naked eye it is recommended but of course its up to you.