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There’s more to a diamond than meets the eye, two diamonds that look alike at first may, in fact, be very different. Two diamonds of equal size can have very unequal values. The differences between them are subtle indeed. To understand these differences is to understand the 4C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. It is these characteristics that determine the value of a diamond.
When buying a diamond ring you want to ensure its quality and integrity. Design Centre’s diamonds are certified by laboratories recognised worldwide, including GIA (Gemological Institute of America) probably the most respected in the world and IGI (International Gemological Institute). This ensures the quality of the diamonds we sell are premium stones.

The 4c's of Diamonds

Diamond Cut

The Cut of a Diamond Refers to how bright it will look on your finger measuring in grades from Poor to Excellent.

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Diamond Colour

The Colour of a Diamond refers to of course the colour and is measured from Colour to Colourless.

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Diamond Clarity

The Clarity of a Diamond refers to the diamonds imperfections and is measured from flawless to flawed.

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Diamond Education the 4C's | Design Centre

Diamond Carat/ Weight

The Weight of a Diamond is measured in how much a diamond weighs.

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Diamond Carat

The Size of Diamond is measured in Carat. One Carat is further divided into 100 'points'.

For example if a diamond weighs 0.75 Carats it has 75 Points.

Diamond Size chart

Does Size Matter?

The Carat Weight is a measurement of the diamond's weight where as the length and width indicate the actual size. Diamonds also depend on the Cut , as a diamond cut wide can appear bigger.

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