Ring Sizes: All You Need to Know

Ring Sizes: All You Need to Know


No jewellery piece is more symbolic than a ring. Whether you’re thinking about a proposal, celebrating a special occasion or just fancy treating yourself, finding the perfect piece can be a minefield. But if you’re not sure of how to go about measuring your ring size, then check out our handy guide before you go shopping.

Measuring For Yourself

Picking out a piece for yourself? If you already have a ring that fits your ring finger perfectly, then it’s time to use put that ring to good use! For this tried and tested method, you’ll need to print out a ring sizer. Whilst not a professional measurement, a ring sizer is a great way to get an estimate for the size that you’ll need. If you find your ring size but need to convert it from numbers to letters or even millimetres, then this pdf is also a great document for working out what all the different measurements mean.

But what if you don’t have an appropriate ring, or you don't own one that fits well? For a second method, you’ll need a piece of string or dental floss. Wrap the string around your ring finger so that it’s tight but not too tight and then use a pen to mark where the ends meet. You’ll then be able to compare the string to a millimetre ruler to find your ring size.

But be careful! Before you jump into any ring sizing with string, make sure that your finger is at a normal body temperature. If your finger gets too hot or cold it’ll affect the way your ring fits. When you’re cold your finger can shrink by more than half a ring size, so it’s even more important that you don’t go for a ring that will be too tight when you eventually warm up! The best time of day to measure for a ring is in the evening, when your fingers are actually at their largest.

And what if your knuckle is much larger than your finger’s base? All you need to do is take two separate measurements - your knuckle and your base - and then pick a size in between. That way you’ll still be able to get your ring over your knuckle, but it won’t be too loose.

It’s also worth noting the type of ring that you’re measuring for. The thicker the band, the tighter the fit, so any rings with a deep band width will probably need to be sized up by at least one to accommodate for the extra thickness.

Measuring For Your Partner

Planning a surprise proposal? If you need to know your partner’s ring size in preparation for your big moment, then we’ve got a few tips and tricks to ensure that the ring you pick will fit perfectly.

The simplest and most common way to determine your partner’s ring size is by “borrowing” a ring that they already wear. Whilst not many women choose to wear a ring on the third finger of their left hand before marriage, you’ll be able to get a good estimate of sizing if you already know which size suits their middle finger. Take this ring, find the measurement and go a size or two down to get the right fit.

Struggling to find a ring to borrow? If your partner never tends to take their rings off, then you’ll have to be a little more sneaky. Enlist the help of your partner’s friends and family, as they might be able to ask subtle questions about ring sizes or be able to try jewellery on themselves without arousing suspicion. Just be careful who you choose to help! You don’t want anybody to go ruining your surprise.

If all else fails? Go for a larger size. It’s always much easier to get a ring downsized without affecting the integrity of the piece than it is to enlarge it. And you don’t want to ruin the romance of the moment by proposing with a ring that doesn’t fit onto your partner’s finger!

Once you've found the measurement, it's always a good idea to come and visit us. Our team of experts can work with you and learn about your partner's tastes and styles to select a ring that they'll love.

Still need help? Get in touch! Our team will happily answer any questions that you may have.

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