5 Real Life Proposal Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

5 Real Life Proposal Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

Everyone loves a beautiful proposal story, and these five really are the best of the bunch. Read these engagement stories and get inspired!

1. Mitch proposed to long-term girlfriend Grace on the day that she moved back up to Nottingham from Devon on a weekend that changed her life.

“As I was driving back up the country with my parents (who were in on the plan), my dad took a detour. I was blissfully unaware in the back of the car, until we started driving up a beautiful long drive up to this incredible stately home. We then stopped at the front of this beautiful house and I was very confused at this point – then, the first surprise - Mitch walks around the corner with a bunch of roses in hand. I was so shocked as I definitely was not expecting to see him in the middle of Herefordshire! Unbeknown to me, he had secretly been planning (for four months!), a romantic 3-day visit to a 17th Century stately home located in the countryside in Herefordshire. It was breathtakingly beautiful, like a mini fairytale castle! Mitch took me around the back of the house to the walled garden. We stood at the gate and he pointed and said ‘that’s ours for the next two nights.’ We went and explored and then waved off my parents and spent the afternoon wandering the grounds and chilling out. Later that evening, Mitch told me we were going to be having a picnic in the woods – safe to say I was a little suspicious by then. We headed into the woods and half way through our walk, Mitch covered my eyes so I couldn’t see where we were going, and he lead me into a clearing.”

“He then uncovered my eyes to reveal a beautiful scene beneath a tree which he had decorated with fairy lights, candles and photographs earlier that day. There was a picnic full of all our favourite food and an incredible view. I was so surprised and moved by his thoughtfulness and effort. There, in that moment, Mitch said a lot of nice things and asked me to marry him. And of course, I said YES!”

Fairytale proposal

Story originally found on LoveMyDress. Read more here.

2. Claudia got a true Turkish delight when Kaan popped the question on their travels across the world.

“Kaan and I had been travelling around the world for the past 3 months. We’d been everywhere – Vietnam, Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and one of the last stops on our trip was Turkey. We were supposed to celebrate our 2 years of dating in the romantic town of Cappadocia and have breakfast watching the colourful hot air balloons fill the sky. We had both always talked about going there, so I thought nothing out of the ordinary when we decided to do it for our anniversary.

We woke up early the first day we got there to watch the hot air balloons take off at sunrise, and while we were getting ready, Kaan told me to get a bit dressed up so we could take good pictures together. The morning was incredibly beautiful – the sunrise was breath-taking and the hot air balloons were a perfect touch. However, Kaan spent an hour fidgeting with the tripod and setting up the camera (little did I know he was doing that because he was so nervous)! At this point, I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just take a picture with me.

As the hot air balloons started to fly above us, he finally had the camera timer set up and ran over to ‘take a picture’. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee. My heart was racing so fast and I started tearing up. I couldn’t believe that the man of my dreams was asking me to be his forever! Everything else was a blur, but I remember him telling me ‘I want to be the best husband, best son-in-law, and best brother-in-law that I can be’.

What was already such a beautiful morning turned out to be the most magical day of my life!”

Hot air balloon proposal

Story originally found on howheasked.com. Read more here.

3. It was all blue skies and misty eyes when Zac proposed to Kaestle on their skydiving adventure.

"On Valentine’s Day, I wanted to surprise Zac so I gave him a card saying that the two of us were going skydiving but that we just needed to wait until it was warmer. He booked an appointment for Saturday May 13th. That morning we had just finished a round of golf when the company sent out an email canceling all skydiving due to weather for the day. Zac acted like it was not a big deal and said we would go in a couple of weeks so instead we settled inside for the afternoon (it really was super cold outside). A few hours later he woke me up from a nap on the couch, he nearly dragged me off the furniture, while he tried to explain that the weather delay had been postponed and we could skydive that day on a first-come, first-serve basis. So he was trying to rush me outside. We spent the hour drive out talking and belting out our favourite songs. After watching the safety video etc. we got all suited up and then each of our videographers pulled us aside to interview us. I told mine we were there because I gave it to him and at the same time he told his why we were really there, a proposal. Zac jumped out of the plane before me, we free fell for almost a minute and then began sliding down toward the ground, where Zac was waiting for me. When I was still a telephone pole above the landing area I saw him looking up at me with a huge smile on his face, a ring in one hand and roses in the other.

I screamed “Oh my gosh!” I was instantly crying. When I landed I tried to run to him but I was still hooked to my instructor so the harness pulled me back. They unhooked me and I ran over to him, kissing and hugging him. He got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me and then popped the question. He did everything perfectly, and even had a photographer there to capture the moment (and to deliver the flowers and ring)."

Parachute proposal

Story originally found on howheasked.com. Read more here.

4. Jo got a big surprise on her work trip when boyfriend Matt popped the question right there in Utah's Salt Flats!

"I’m a wedding photographer and often travel to various places to shoot! I decided to bring Matt on a work trip to Utah so that I had company throughout the week. On our second day there we were with photo friends shooting a couple in the Salt Flats.

We finished up shooting and the couple left but the light on the salt flats was absolutely stunning and my friend Kelsie insisted we model for a few shots. 

Being in the photo business I thought nothing of this and pulled Matt in front of the camera. It was the second or third time we’d done this on the trip so why would this time be any different? Boy was I wrong. After a few shutters of the camera, Matt started to get down on one knee and I immediately thought, “Dude, they didn’t ask us to sit! Stand back up!” which was followed by the realization of what was happening. I put my denim jacket over my head in shock, followed by dropping to the ground and losing my cool.

I’m now convinced the only way to pull-off a huge surprise is to shock someone during a trip they planned."

Salt flat proposal

Story originally found on howheasked.com. Read more here.

5. After a happy 6 years together, Konrad proposed to Sarah with a bunch of her girlfriends by her side.

"On August 18, 2017 I thought I was going on a hike with my girlfriends. Funnily enough, throughout the hike, I was telling them how Konrad and I love exploring and we go on hikes very often – good thing I was walking in front of them, I don’t know how they contained their smiles and laughter since they knew what was about to happen.

As we approached the top, I saw that the pathway to the view point was lit up with sparkling lights. Still oblivious, I thought the path had little solar lights, probably installed by the park rangers. Then I saw Konrad, looking down at me with the biggest smile I have ever seen; at that exact moment, I realised what was happening. In utter shock, I turned around to look at my girlfriends, who started waiving me upwards. I walked up to the view point, and there it was, a beautifully decorated wooden bench.

Even though we moved over 400km away from home, Konrad got down on one knee, on top of a beautiful mountain view, in front of the bench, and asked me to marry him! I called my best friend back at home to share the news immediately. Thinking that this evening could not be any more perfect, there she was out of nowhere…screaming with joy as she jumped out from behind a tree into my arms. My fairy tale had only begun that evening..."

Hiking proposal

Story originally found on howheasked.com. Read more here.

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