Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring: All You Need to Know

Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring: All You Need to Know


No day is more important than your wedding day, and so it’s only natural that you want every element of your celebrations to be extra special. One of the key parts of any wedding is the exchanging of the rings - a symbolic moment to show your love for your partner and often the final moment before you’re pronounced man and wife. But where do you begin when picking the perfect wedding ring? Wedding rings can come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, and so it can be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed with the options available. You’re going to wear this ring for the rest of your life, after all, so it’s important that you pick a band that will fit in effortlessly with you everyday life!

If you’ve already got the engagement ring and your wedding preparations are well and truly under way, it’s time that you found the perfect wedding ring to go with it. This is where our guide comes in. We’ve compiled all the tricks of the trade from our jewellery specialists to ensure that you can find the perfect ring for you. Have a read and enjoy your big day.

Quality Assurance.

As with any expensive jewellery, you want to be sure of the quality of the ring you’re buying. Check that your chosen ring has two marks inside the band, as this is the manufacturer’s trademark and acts as proof that they stand by their work. Your ring should also have a quality mark such as 24K or PLAT, as this assures that the metal quality is exactly what your jeweller tells you it is - a quick and easy way to assure that you’re buying the genuine article!

Mix OR Match.

Whilst most people do opt for a wedding ring that complements their engagement ring, there’s no rule that says that the two have to match perfectly. It’s advisable to consider how the two rings will sit together on you finger, but don’t worry if the two are distinctive. They have different meanings, and so it can be nice to see the difference.

There’s also no rule that says you and your partner have to have matching wedding rings! If he prefers yellow gold and you prefer platinum, then go for what you love. The ring is purely a symbol of your commitment to one another, and so the two certainly don’t have to match if you don’t want to compromise on a particular style or metal.

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Cut Down To Size.

If you’ve decided that you’re going to wear your wedding ring forever, then the chances are that you won’t take it off very often. You’ll therefore need a ring that can stand the test of time through different seasons, weight changes, possible pregnancies - all of which have the potential to alter the size of your fingers either temporarily or long-term. The best time to find the perfect wedding ring size is therefore when you’re feeling calm and your body temperature is normal. Avoid booking your final ring fitting first thing in the morning when your fingers might be ever so slightly bigger from water retention overnight, or after exercise when your fingers have swelled.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time.

Particularly key if you’re an indecisive shopper - the three, four, or even five months before the wedding should be saved for browsing different styles, researching prices and revisiting any rings that you’re considering. Be extra time-savvy if you’re going for custom rings with engravings and other additions, as these can take up to a whole month to get sorted - definitely not something you can try to organise at the last minute!

Budget Wisely.

It’s usually assumed that about 3 per cent of your entire wedding budget will be spent on the wedding rings, so budget accordingly and stick to it. It’s very easy to get carried away with the glitz and glamour of the jewellery store and end up spending more than you planned, but try not to! Naturally you’ll want to spend more on your wedding ring than you would your normal jewellery, but you’d hate for the cost of the rings to eat into your wedding budget and stop you from being able to afford other aspects of your big day.

Plan Ahead.

Ideally you’ll be wearing this ring for the next 50 years or more, so it makes sense to pick something that you think you’ll still want to wear in many years to come. Trends come and go, and whilst you can always make changes to your ring later down the line, if you love the style and think you’ll love it for a long time, you won’t have to have the hassle of altering it when you grow tired of the design.

Be Lifestyle-Friendly.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll be wearing this wedding band pretty much at all times, so you’ll need a ring that will blend effortlessly into your everyday life. For those with an active lifestyle, a simpler ring might be advisable - similarly for those who do a lot of work with their hands, as intricate diamonds or engravings could easily get dirty or even come loose. Platinum is a great material for those super-active people, as the metal is extremely durable.

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Shop as a Couple.

Finding the right wedding ring can be a truly special moment for many engaged couples, and so it makes sense for you to take the time to go together to the jewellers over a weekend or two. What could be considered a tedious experience for some (especially when you’re ten rings in and haven’t found the right one yet!) is far more likely to be enjoyable if you’ve got your other half along with you on your journey to finding the perfect wedding band.

Plan for Wedding Itself.

Who’s going to be in charge of the rings on your big day? You? Your partner? The Best Man? A page boy? Depending on whether or not you’re having the rings carried down the aisle on a ring cushion or just presented to you by someone from your wedding party, it’s important that whoever you entrust with bringing the rings to the actual ceremony will remember to bring them along! Last minute scrabbling for the forgotten rings is sure to add lots of unnecessary stress to your day, so leave your rings in capable hands and you won’t have to worry.


Are you engaged and looking for the perfect wedding ring? If so, congratulations! If you’re thinking about starting your search, then get in touch with us here at Design Centre Jewellery. We have a wide range of plain, shaped, or diamond set wedding bands to suit any kind of person and make your special day even better.

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