14 Engraving Ideas for Your Engagement Ring

14 Engraving Ideas for Your Engagement Ring

Nothing makes a piece of jewellery more personal than a special engraving. This romantic tradition originates from the courts of medieval Europe where jewellery makers would inscribe special messages and lines of poetry onto their jewellery to signify wealth and decorate their items. 

Nowadays jewellery engraving is a lot more common, but it doesn’t mean that your jewellery is any less special. Whilst many jewellers will be able to engrave your ring when you first order it, you may need to go to a special engraver to get your piece done.

Depending on what you’re getting engraved, it may be as simple as waiting in the jewellers for the piece to be finished, or else up to a month if you’ve gone for an intricate engraving and there’s a waiting list.

Machine engraving is a lot cheaper than hand-engraving, but won’t have the same special feel. We'd recommend hand-engraving for that personalised touch, even if it is a slightly more expensive option.

Top Tip!

Double and triple check the spelling on your ring. Rather like getting a tattoo, this engraving will be on your jewellery forever, and so it’s super important to make sure you’ve spelt it right, particularly if you're going for a phrase in a foreign language or something that can be spelt multiple ways.

Our top 14 engraving ideas:

1. I love you.

Three words, a whole lot of meaning. 'I love you’ might be used a lot, but it's a classic and simple line that will never go out of style.

2. To have and to hold.

This line is taken straight from the vows that you'll be saying to one another at your wedding. Get ready for your special day by adding them to your ring.

3. My heart is yours.

Feel like your heart belongs to your partner now? Let them know with this short and sweet quote!

4. Forever.

You're going to be with your partner forever and always. The word 'forever' is powerful enough on its own to look beautiful on a ring.

5. Written in the stars.

Romeo and Juliet were called star-crossed lovers, and this is a lovely tribute to the most famous love story of all time.

6. Beloved.

This special time is all about you and your beloved. Add this special word to bring a personalised touch to your ring.

7. Us against the world.

The world can throw all sorts against you as a couple, but together you'll be ready for it. A particularly great choice if you've had to deal with any trials or tribulations to be together in the first place!

8. June 21st, 2019

Unless you're due to get married on June 21st next year, this date won't be too relevant! But if you're looking for a personalised message, then a date that is significant to you and your partner (the day of your wedding, the day you got engaged or the day you got together) is a lovely option for an engraving. 

9. Grow old with me.

You'll be looking forward to spending the rest of your life with your partner, so 'Grow old with me' is ideal for representing the many years to come.

10. From this moment on.

Everything changes when you get engaged, and so what better way to mark the moment than with a relevant quote! Even better if you're a fan of the Shania Twain song with the same name.

11. Happily ever after.

For those of you who have been dreaming of finding your prince or princess, 'Happily Ever After' is a subtle nod to your very own fairytale.

12. Better together.

We hope that you feel better whenever you’re with your partner! Short and sweet without being too sentimental, ‘Better Together’ is perfect if you and your partner are true best friends at heart.

13. We are one.

Marriage is all about bringing two people together. This quote is a beautiful symbol of your unity.

14. Always.

One for all you Harry Potter fans! Rather like ‘Forever’, ‘Always’ is a great way to show the everlasting love between you and your other half.

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