10 Unique Proposal Ideas

10 Unique Proposal Ideas


When it comes to marriage proposals, you want the moment between you and your partner to be truly perfect. As something that you’ll both be asked about for years to come by all manners of friends and family: “So how did he/she propose?”, it’s always a good idea to think outside the box and use this opportunity to get creative. Forget taking your partner up the Eiffel Tower or out to a restaurant - these ten ideas are sure to make your proposal that little bit different. Whether your partner is a traditionalist, a thrill-seeker or just a fan of adorable gestures, these proposals are sure to help you pop the question in a truly special way.

1. Message in a bottle

Marriage proposal in a bottle

Who wouldn’t love to discover a message in a bottle whilst walking on the beach? And even more so if it has the words: “Will you marry me?” inside! Perfect if you and your partner love the sea, you’ll need to find a secluded spot to plant your bottle, or else enlist the help of one of your friends to place it in the ideal spot. Make sure that your partner spots it first, and enjoy the look of excitement and surprise when they realise it was you that planned it all along!

2. Theme park ride

Theme park proposal

Another idea that requires a little help from your friends - a theme park ride proposal is a clever and fun way to ask your partner that ultimate question. Be sure to position your partner and another friend at the front of the ride, and have you and your friends sat directly behind them. Your other half will be so busy enjoying the ride that they won’t notice the giant: “Will you marry me?” signs that you’re friends are holding up for the camera. Only when you all head round to check out the pictures taken on the ride will they be able to see exactly what you were up to. And what’s more - you’ll be able to take the pictures home to show everybody afterwards!

3. Skydiving


Is your partner an adrenaline junkie? Book the two of you on a skydiving experience, and make their day out one that they’ll never forget. For this proposal to work, be sure to inform the instructors or the skydiving centre of your plans, as you’ll want to make sure that you jump first. As soon as you’re back down to earth, you can fetch the ring from your skydiving suit and you can get down on one knee as your partner makes their descent. Not only will they already be enjoying the rush of jumping from a plane, your surprise will give them a double dose of excitement!

4. On the Christmas tree

Christmas proposal

For those of you who can’t get enough of the festive season, this is an adorable proposal idea that is sure to start your Christmas celebrations off with a bang. Particularly easy if the two of you already live together, you can buy a Christmas tree and enjoy putting up your decorations knowing that your final decoration - the ring box - is going to be the true highlight of the evening. Subtly place your box on the tree somewhere on the branches, and tell your partner that you’ve bought a new decoration and that they need to hunt for it. It won’t take long before they discover your secret and the two of you can enjoy a festive evening newly betrothed!

5. Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon

Often at the top of people’s bucket lists, a hot air balloon ride is an unforgettable way to ask your significant other to marry you. Once you’re up in the air, it doesn’t matter whether you produce the ring and ask then and there, or even have a message drawn out on the ground below - the balloon ride itself is a wonderful experience for you both to share. The best time to go is at sunset, so that after your proposal you can enjoy the views, share some champagne and make the moment truly perfect. You’ll want to be very confident that your partner will say yes for this one, as it’s a long ride down if they don’t!

6. Treasure hunt

Beach proposal

If your partner is a real child at heart, then why not plan a treasure hunt for them? Ideal if they’re the curious and adventurous type, this game will keep them on their toes and uncertain as to what’s coming next! You can spend time dotting clues around locations that have been significant to the both of you, and leave them totally shocked when the prize they discover at the end of it all is actually you standing there - waiting with a ring and a life-changing question.

7. Book note


Is your partner a total bookworm? If your loved one knows their Austen from their Hardy and their Wordsworth from their Keats, then embrace their love of language by tying it into your marriage proposal. Go along to their favourite bookshop and hide your secret romantic message in the front of a book that holds some significance for the two of you. Ideally for this plan to work perfectly you’ll need to go during a quiet time or find a secluded corner that allows you to propose in relative privacy. When you tell your partner that they have to go and fetch the book to win a prize, they’ll have no idea of what you’ve got in store - quite literally!

8. Scuba diving

Underwater proposal

One for a trip abroad, if you and your partner love trying new things, then a scuba dive proposal is a totally unique way of popping the question. Whilst you might want to leave the ring out of this one for obvious logistical reasons, you can still sneakily bring along a sign or board with the all-important “Will you marry me?” question written onto it. Prep your instructor beforehand, hold up the sign for your partner when the time is right. and you’ll all resurface after your dive feeling on top of the world. Be sure to have plenty of underwater cameras at the ready for those undersea snaps!

9. Get your friends and family involved

Friends proposal

If both you and your partner never do anything without inviting all your friends and family too, then why not get them all to help you make the ultimate proposal? Whether you get a friend to bring your partner along to the right place at the right time and have your loved ones ready with signs to hold up, or just plan a surprise party and pop the question when they arrive, you’ve then got a whole host of people to share your magical moment with!

10. Up a mountain

Mountain proposal

Nothing makes for dramatic engagement pictures like being on top of a mountain, so if your partner is a lover of the outdoors, get the two of you out of the house and exploring nature before you get down on one knee (and mind any rough stones or prickly plants!). Plan a hiking day out for just the two of you, and make sure to hide the ring box somewhere deep in your rucksack where your partner definitely won’t find it. When you finally make it to the top of your climb, you can take a moment to rest and say you’ve got something to ask. Your pictures will be breathtaking!

So there you have it - ten ideas for you to skim through and draw inspiration. Now that you’ve worked out which proposal you want to use, it’s time to figure out the ring! Need help? Get in touch with our Design Centre team for all the tips and advice you could want.

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