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Which Designer Watch Matches Your Star Sign?

Posted by Deepak Patel on

Designer watchHave you ever wondered if your star sign might dictate the kind of accessories you're drawn to? We've compiled a list of watches that match the star sign you were born under. See if you agree with your watch of choice!

Aries - March 21-April 19

Birthstone: Diamond

Sign: Fire

Courageous, enthusiastic and a little bit stubborn at times, Aries are driven and will take on any battle or challenge thrown at them. This bold two-tone Michael Kors watch is feisty and demands attention - perfect for a fiery Aries!


Taurus - April 20-May 20

Birthstone: Emerald

Sign: Earth

Loyal and a true helper to those in need, a Taurus is a firm believer in forming strong relationships. This yellow gold and alligator strap watch from the Gucci Timeless Collection is unique and beautiful - ideal for a Taurus with expensive taste.

Gucci Timeless watch


Gemini - May 21-June 20

Birthstone: Alexandrite

Sign: Air

Looking to be entertained? Call up a Gemini! A Gemini is always the life and soul of the party, and their charisma shines through in everything they do. If you're a Gemini, then this unusual plum-toned Michael Kors watch is ideal for you. With its sleek bracelet and striking colour, this watch is perfect for your carefree and twin-like personality - not to mention time-keeping with all your social engagements!


Cancer - June 21-July 22

Birthstone: Ruby

Sign: Water

One of the most compassionate and caring of the star signs, a Cancer loves nothing better than enjoying time at home with family. If you're a Cancer, you wear your heart on your sleeve and can retreat into your shell from time to time if you're out of your comfort zone! This delicate and classic Gucci Diamantissima watch is perfect for you.

gucci watch


Leo - July 23-August 22

Birthstone: Peridot

Sign: Fire

Energetic and creative, Leos put their all into everything they do and aren't scared to be different. Are you a Leo? You love reconnecting with your inner child and have a definite playful side, making this bold Marc Jacobs watch the ultimate choice for you.

Marc Jacobs watch


Virgo - August 23-September 22

Birthstone: Sapphire

Sign: Earth

Sharp as a tack and always one to win an argument, a Virgo's greatest strength is their mind. Always a rational thinker and someone who has a solution for every problem, this beautiful and classic Gucci timepiece should suit everything you stand for.

Gucci watch


Libra - September 23-October 22

Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline

Sign: Air

Libras make the perfect leaders, and put their energy into improving the lives of everyone around them. When you're in a good place, your confidence will be sky high and you strive to put quality into everything you do. This white Armani watch demands respect, just like a Libra.

Armani watch


Scorpio - October 23-November 21

Birthstone: Citrine

Sign: Water

Scorpios are incredibly sensitive, but this is one of their finest qualities. A great healer, Scorpios make phenomenal councillors, psychologists and friends. This timeless Michael Kors rose gold piece matches your subtle yet classy personality.

Rose gold Michael Kors watch


Sagittarius - November 22-December 21

Birthstone: Blue Topaz

Sign: Fire

If you're a Sagittarius, then you're clearly someone who lives for adventure. Because of your passion to explore the world around you, you're constantly on the go and it's hard to pin you down! You need a watch which is as dynamic as you are. This beautiful Gucci bangle watch is a little bit quirky - sure to help you get from A to B on time.

Gucci bangle watch


Capricorn - December 22-January 19

Birthstone: Garnet

Sign: Earth

Ambitious and committed to both success and relationship ties, a Capricorn is patient and very strong-willed. If you're a Capricorn, you're incredibly tough and are an extremely loyal friend. This Hugo Boss timepiece is striking and tough - just like you.

Hugo Boss watch


Aquarius - January 20-February 18

Birthstone: Amethyst

Sign: Air

If anyone is capable of inspiring a room full of people, it's you Aquarius. A little quirky and always full of creative ideas, you live life on the fast track and have plenty stories to tell. This funky rose gold piece with a blue face is as dynamic as you are!

Rose gold Michael Kors


Pisces - February 19-March 20

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Sign: Water

If you're a Pisces, you've got a brilliant imagination and live and breathe creativity. When you have a vision, you make sure that you bring it to life, and you put your heart into relationships and goals. This modern black dial Marc Jacobs watch will sparkle just like your creativity.

Marc Jacobs black watch

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